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Speech and Language Therapists at Thumbs Up Therapy are trained to support children’s speech and language development, but what happens outside of the therapy room?

We want to equip you, your family, your helper and anyone involved in the day-to-day care of your child with the skills to support and develop your child’s speech, language, play and social skills.

Workshops will be conducted in small groups and provide ample opportunity to practice effective strategies through hands-on activities.


- Run by an experienced speech and language therapist

- Learn how to build language into everyday routines in a fun way

- Small groups, hands on activities

- Build rapport between caregiver and child

- learn to play educationally

Thumbs Up Therapy runs hands on and practical workshops to help caregivers support and develop speech, language, play and social skills. Each week learn different strategies to aid interactions between the caregiver and child.

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