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Thumbs Up Therapy is a mobile paediatric therapy practice seeking to bridge the gap between children, caregivers, schools and therapists.  We provide holistic, child-centered therapy services and workshops in homes and schools across Singapore, opening the lines of communication between all who are involved in the child’s wellbeing.
Thumbs Up Therapy was founded in 2018 by Lucy Nicholls, speech and language therapist. Lucy endeavored to open a private practice that worked closely with parents, teachers and all professionals in the child’s life whilst offering evidence-based therapy.
We offer paediatric occupational therapy and speech and language therapy for children and teenagers aged 2 to 19.

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We see every child as unique

We see each child as having unique attributes and resources. We build on each child’s strengths to help them achieve new skills and milestones.

We celebrate achievements, big and small. We’re firm believers that a person is best nurtured from a sense of competence and self-worth, this sense of self confidence is integrally linked to a person's ability to perform valued and relevant activities in their everyday life.

We are passionate about open communication


We firmly believe the key to success is ensuring there is regular communication between all who are involved in your child’s life.

We always provide detailed feedback about your child’s session to help families and other professionals understand how we are working towards the goals and importantly how they can assist the child in transferring those skills into other settings.


We are committed to evidence based, ethical practice 


We are committed to continuing professional development, furthering interpersonal competence and upholding the ethical standards of our professions.

We strive to provide services that are supported by current research and evidence based practice.


We ensure that we are always accountable, honest, forthright, accurate, and authentic in our attitudes and actions.


We want to empower YOU

We understand the challenges that parents and children face. We see therapy as a joint effort towards a common goal - to help your child overcome their challenges.

The best thing we can do for your child, is to educate you and empower you on how to best help your child! It’s in their everyday routines with you that your child is learning the most and is given the most opportunities to do and to communicate.


We want to equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to support your child.

Ask questions, take notes, do the homework, and work closely with your child’s therapist at Thumbs Up Therapy.

Together we can make an amazing team, advocate for your child, and change their life, one word or one step at a time. 


Ultimately, we want your child to reach their goals and realise their potential while having fun!

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