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+ What is the assessment process at Thumbs Up Therapy?

Thumbs Up Therapy believes in administering assessments in a manner that caters to the child’s needs, therefore our assessments are administered over 2-3 hours in separate 1 hour sessions. Following the assessment, parents are provided with a comprehensive written report and explanation of the report and assessment findings during the feedback session. Thumbs Up Therapy therapists answer referrals directly and conduct an initial consultation to guide parents through the assessment process. Please contact Thumbs Up Therapy to find out more.

+ If I had an assessment in another therapy facility, do I need to do a new one at Thumbs Up Therapy? 

If the assessment report has been completed within the last 12 months, a new assessment at Thumbs Up Therapy is not needed. Therapists may administer selected standardised tests to compliment the previous assessment in order to gain further information regarding your child’s needs. The need for any further assessment will be discussed with parents during the initial consultation. 

+ How often will my child need to attend therapy sessions?

Each child is different. After assessment, the therapist is able to make a recommendation depending on your child’s needs. Usually children will come for an hour per week. Some children are seen more frequently than this as shorter bursts of therapy may be more beneficial for that child’s needs. 

+ How long will my child need to come for therapy?

Therapy is a gradual process and each child makes learning adaptations at different rates. Therapists will generally estimate a period of time for therapy following the assessment. 

+ Do I need to be present for my child’s therapy session?

This is dependent on the child and family and is considered on a case by case basis. In some cases, children respond better without their parents in the room. In other cases, it can be beneficial for parents or carers to observe and be part of the therapy sessions to ensure carry over to the home environment. 

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