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Welcome to Kirsty Chin and Andrea Fernando - our newest team members:

We warmly welcome to our team, Andrea Fernando, Speech and Language Assistant, and Kirsty Chin, Senior Occupation Therapist.

Andrea graduated from City University London. and lived and worked in London, before she moved to Singapore. As part of her training, she has worked in a variety of clinical and

educational settings, which include; hospitals, community clinics, mainstream primary and secondary schools, and language units in the UK.

Andrea loves working with children, families and schools to advocate, educate and support students through their speech, language and social development. She has a wealth of experience working with children with a range of profiles including Autism, DLD, speech sound disorders, selective mutism, dysfluency, global developmental delay and down syndrome.

Andrea speaks English and conversational Mandarin.

Kirsty is a senior Occupational Therapist who has worked across diverse clinical environments, including acute hospital settings and clinics, catering to both adult and paediatric populations.  

Kirsty played a pivotal role in establishing the Occupational Therapy Paediatric clinic at Sengkang Hospital. Her expertise lies in delivering tailored therapy for children diagnosed with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) through thorough assessment and comprehensive treatments. 

In recognition of her efforts and commitment towards providing quality care for patients, Kirsty was awarded the Singapore Health Quality Service Award (SHQSA) twice in the silver and gold categories during 2023/2024. 

Kirsty has a passion for working with the individual, parent and educators. This collaborative approach ensures a comprehensive and holistic support system for the child's overall development.  Kirsty speaks English and Mandarin.

To connect with either of our therapists, do reach out to us at

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