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Meet Our New Speech and Language Therapist: Shireen Gill

We welcome Shireen to our team this month. Shireen graduated from Curtin University with a MSc in Speech Pathology and she is a dedicated speech therapist who is passionate about working with children and their families.

Having worked in a trans-disciplinary team (i.e. caregivers, teachers, occupational therapists, social workers, psychologists, etc.) in a social service organisation, she values and understands the importance of working closely with other stakeholders to support her client’s learning and growth. She has experience working with clients between the ages of 1 to 18 years, with a range of developmental differences, in the early intervention settings, preschool and therapy clinics.

Shireen strongly believes in a child-led approach where connection is essential and the key to communication and strives for her clients to enjoy themselves in the midst of learning. She also takes a strength-based and family-centered approach with her clients and caregivers, ensuring that her sessions are suited to her client’s interests and needs of the client and family.

Shireen speaks English and conversational Mandarin. To work with her please contact us

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