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Social Communication and Language talk by Azealia

Azealia recently ran a fun and interactive parent training workshop on Social Communication and Language where she shared valuable insights on how parents can support their children's communication and language development at home, as well as what to expect in therapy settings.

She provided practical strategies for developing shared intentionality, meaning, and imagination in two-way communication, which is particularly crucial for children who struggle to initiate and sustain communication. These struggles lead to challenges in areas such as friendships, academics, or other aspects of their lives. For some children, limitations in their ability to connect ideas in their environment or situation can prevent them from seeing the bigger picture.

Azealia also emphasized the importance of building a strong foundation of self-awareness and co-regulation to help children access social attention. She discussed the different stages of Social Communication by Michelle Garcia Winner, including social attention, social interpretation, problem-solving, and social response, and how each stage is critical for developing effective communication skills.

Her audience were thrilled to have her there and we are so proud to have Azealia, with her knowledge and experience, on our team

For more information on Azealia or any of our therapists, meet the team at

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