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Summer activities to try at home from our OT Eunice

Summer is finally here! We hope that you are enjoying this well-deserved break and

time with family. Here are some activities to try over the summer break; the best thing is that you can easily do them at home with the whole family!

1. Build an Obstacle Course Through the House 

Spending time outdoors in nature is the best therapy! However, on days when it’s

too hot to go outside, or if it is raining, indoor obstacle courses provide an

opportunity for kids to develop gross motor skills and also offer a chance to improve

positional awareness and planning movements. Use anything and everything you have at home – cushions, stools, chairs, duvets, tables. Get from one end of the house to the other without touching the floor!


2. Involve Your Child in a Cooking Activity  

Cooking with kids is a great way to work on fine motor skills through the use of

different cooking utensils. Cooking and baking also provides rich sensory

experiences with the different textures such, taste and smells. Cooking is also a

great way to provide children with the opportunity to develop social skills through turn

taking, asking for help, and building creativity and resilience if things don’t turn out as


3. Make Bath Time a Fun Activity   

Bath time is a great way to provide children with a range of sensory inputs! Use

scented bubbles and skin-safe food colouring to add texture to the water. Place

shaving foam all over the bath wall and trace shapes and letters and numbers in the

foam. Add shaving foam all over your child’s body as a visual cue to learn the name

of body parts and to identify which body parts need to be cleaned. 

4. Story Time Before Bed

Story time provides children with the opportunity to wind down and get ready for bed,

while developing their imagination. Allow your child to pick their favourite books, and

adapt the characters and plot to your child’s individual interests.

5. Drawing and Colouring on Vertical Surfaces

Scribbling, colouring, and drawing on vertical surfaces like chalk boards, white

boards, easels and even your kitchen refrigerator can have many therapeutic

benefits including promoting a better upright posture and shoulder stability,

developing an efficient finger grasp, and improving bilateral coordination.

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