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Welcome to the team Eunice Lim and Tina McIntyre

Our company is growing every day and we’re thrilled to have Eunice Lim, our new Principal Occupational Therapist and Tina McIntyre, our new Senior Speech Therapist join us this week.

Tina is a passionate and enthusiastic speech therapist who is devoted to helping children and their families.

Her journey of working with children began as a Kindergarten teacher in her hometown of Miami, Florida, USA. The desire to explore the world and interact with other cultures led Tina to work at an international school in Shanghai, China, where she discovered her enthusiasm for speech therapy. The initial challenge of working with culturally and linguistically diverse children pushed Tina to research strategies and procedures for helping children develop language.

Her time working closely in one-on-one sessions with children at the speech therapy clinics formed Tina’s philosophy that language must originate with the child. In her sessions, she begins by following the child’s lead to work from their level, supporting and guiding speech and language learning to master new skills based on the individual child’s ability and interest. .

Our new Principal Occupational Therapist Eunice has been in paediatric occupational therapy for the past 18 years. She is passionate about working with children and their families, and has in depth experience working in schools, homes, and clinics; in both the public and private setting. She is familiar with the expectations of local and international schools, and strongly believes in working in closely with the child’s family and support team. Eunice is bilingual in Mandarin and English.

She is trained in sensory integration, ABA techniques, Pilates and yoga for children, play therapy, and social thinking. She is a very sensitive and empathetic therapist who puts her heart into each interaction.

Eunice is looking forward to working with your child and your family to make even a small corner of the world kinder and safer.

If you are interested in reaching out to either Tina or Eunice , please get in touch

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